The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) is based on a real story of a successful stock broker that rises until he fells into a life of crime.

Martin Scorsese tries to surprise with a movie full of action, sex and drugs. Knowing most of my generation, I strongly encourage you to read the book, rather then go for a 3 hour long movie. It’s fun, active and action based. Just way too long!

IMDB rate: 8.6



Director:  Martin Scorsese

Writers:  Terence Winter (screenplay), Jordan Belfort(book)

Stars:  Leonardo DiCaprioJonah HillMargot Robbie

Pros: Leonardo DiCaprio makes a good play here, bot not as good as other biographic movies we have seen him before.What does a successful, married man after he gets very successful at his work? makes his own company and he turns his employees into mini-me. Pretty soon he becomes greedy, wanting to conquer all, against law, religion and common sense. He takes so much pride in his success that he makes a mistake. And then… I leave you to discover the rest!

Cons: So many line sin this movie intend to be funny, that in the end they aren’t. A movie about drogs and more drogs, and  how despite all these the hero goes successful only to fall down the hill …


Panic Room (2002)

Panic Room was shot in 2002, featuring the talented Jodie Foster and a young Kristen Stewart. The movies is a masterpiece of suspanse, crime and ability to revolve around the situation. Freshly moved in New York,in a new huge house, a mother and her diabetic daughter discover in the middle of the night that 3 convicts entered the house. The only refuge is the panic room. What can a woman in pijama and barefeet do? A lot!!!

IMDB: 6.8 , nominated for Golden Globes



Director:  David Fincher

Writer: David Koepp

Stars: Jodie FosterKristen StewartForest Whitaker

Pros: I love this Panic Room (2002)  as the  story is very good and original. All movie happens inside a house, big, scary, dark house, where a full school could accomodate, not just a mother and her daughter. Wonderful part from Forest Whitaker, who manager to play credible as a handyman joining the bad guys, trying to steel yet keep his soul clean. As one cannot have the cake and eat it, he ends up in the hands of police.

Jodie Foster is great again, alive, alert, resourceful, rather active and fearless, resourceful and imaginative, nothing like the regular mother, a real madame Teacher fighting fearless. Not a tear was dropped, but some fire gun shots were shot!

Cons: Quite scary at times.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) is an adventure comedy that made me think twice about how I live my life: day dreaming or living the adventure?

IMDB Rating is 7.6



Director:  Ben Stiller

Writers:  Steve Conrad (screenplay), James Thurber (based on the short story by)

Stars: Ben StillerKristen WiigJon Daly 

Pros: A big thank you to James Thurber for writing such an inspirational story for all of us, almost a century ago. And big congrats to Ben Stiller for directing The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013 remake and playing finally a part when he is noth funny and mature. It was just about time to forget about high box office movies, yet poor in content and rich in cash, and make some movie showing the real capabilities of an actor with over 20 years experience, and direct it too!

Also on on the plus side, many people will recognize themselves or a close friend having the bad habits of Walter Mitty. And here is your chance to live the life of your dreams, for real!

Cons: While The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is not a masterpiece,  is a life lesson and it’s valuable.

Frozen (2013)

Disney, welcome back! Frozen (2013) is Disney’s come back after Pixar  won award after award for the past years. Not only does Disney come back with a classic yet modern fairitale, not only they use the latest animation technology, but they make a musical! And it sounds great actually.

IMDB Rating: 8.1



Directors:  Chris BuckJennifer Lee

Writers:  Jennifer Lee (screenplay), Hans Christian Andersen(story)

Stars:  Kristen BellJosh GadIdina Menzel

Pros: Original screen play full of humor and nice characters. This movie, although they say it’s inspired from

Hans Christian Andersen, has almost nothing to remind of the original story we all know.The movie features a lot of original characters:  the snowman Olaf, the two sister princess, the prince who’s not so honest and the powerful ice-cutter saved by a girl in the wild, and finally…a princess advised not to marry the first prince charming (white horse included) that she ever met! The animation is genius, the scene when the princess skirt is frozen and moving so real, made all girls laugh!

Cons: Oh, I wish I could find some but nope! Perfect movie! Looking forward for the second one.

Her (2013)

Her (2013) , winner of a Golden Globe award, features Scarlett Johansson. If your husband decides to take you out to this movie to see the beautiful templtation, let him do it! Scarlett Johansson never plays in the movie actually. Her (2013) placed in distant future, features an operating system called Samantha, who makes its owner fall in love with her. The voice of Samantha is played by  Scarlett Johansson who actually never appears in this movie. Her voice pattern is warm, funny, intriguing, homey. I wonder, did she ever joined the team of the movie? Or just recorded her lines while saving giraffes in Africa? Will we ever know?

IMDB Rating: 8.5



Director:  Spike Jonze

Writer:  Spike Jonze

Stars:  Joaquin PhoenixAmy AdamsScarlett Johansson 

Pros: In a super technological world, the hero is a true romantic, writing love letters to help couples stay together. In a dull world, his letters are so warm and kind and touchy. This last romantic is up to a surprise. One day his operating system  re installs, offering to have female or male voice. The voice calls herself Samantha, and proves to be that buddy, soft feminine voice making him smile, keeping him company and doing errands for him. pretty soon Samantha becomes his muse, no body, yet so close, so feminine, so romantic and delicate… But Samantha learns fast, gets her own ideas to life and they also start dating in four. Until one day, when Samantha disapears. I let you discover what comes next.

Cons: Did I say movies over 2 hours seem too long? Then let me reinforce it.

Gravity (2013)

Did you ever wondered what do spacemen feel while in space? As a kid I used to imagine I would be an astronaut. Travelling between starts, living alone under the universe, like Le Petit Prince or like heroes in Jules Vernes’ book, Two years on holiday, I used to imagine I need all the knowledge in the world to be independent and survive into the wilderness. When I saw Gravity, it reminded me all these childish dreams. And yes, it is like my dream, only more vivid.

IMDB rating: 8.3

Director:  Alfonso Cuarón

Pros: This a heroic story of two astronauts who find themselves isolated in outer space, away from any contact with the Earth team, lost in a huge immensity among starts. Fighting lack of Earth gravity and fighting with the gravity of the situation… Trying to float to some technology to take them back to Earth, the heroes reach to a Russian ship abandoned in space. Coming back home, on the seashore, is such a fantastic scene! Do not miss, it is really emotional. Also on a plus side, the special effects are impressive!

Cons: All the space floating of the astonauts made me feel dizzy on the cinema seat 🙂




Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013)

Do you remember teenager years, so many questions, so many paths to go? remember your very first real love? That special someone who made you decide which way to go, what profession, what city to go to university? This is what this movie is about.

IMDB Rating: 8.1 for a French movie, so good! I have decided to see the movie after reading a great interview of the director

 Abdellatif Kechiche, a talented, insightful and ravishing person.


Director:  Abdellatif Kechiche

Writers:  Abdellatif Kechiche (scenario, adaptation and dialogue), Ghalia Lacroix (scenario, adaptation and dialogue),1 more credit »

Pros: The movie is really long, almost 3h! But it takes the time to explore the careless free time of studenthood. Exploring the sensuality, the gestures, the chemistry above all else. If you heard the movie contains explicit sex scenes between two lesbians, well, it’s an understatement. In most movies you know sex was faked. Here it looks damn real and body doubles must have worked lots.  But behind all the sensuality, this is a story about loving, full body and soul. it’s a story about love complementing the loved one, helping the loved one find her path, shape her personality and discover her true calling. It’s about leaving your influence in someone’s life, just like an artist makes his painting, or a mother growing her young ones. For all this, Blue Is the Warmest Color (2013)  is a movie you have to see.

Cons: Really long movie and too explicit sex scenes.